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Sixth Form Volunteering being developed in schools across Bradford

A number of schools in Bradford are encouraging their sixth form pupils to get actively involved in volunteering both in their own free time and during school hours. Bradford Volunteer Centre is supporting them with this activity.

Bradford Boys’ Grammar School and Grange Technology College have both hosted Volunteer Fairs at their schools this term. Whilst the Grammar School already had an active volunteering programme, this is the first time they have run a Volunteer Fair. Grange has recently introduced volunteering as a way of enabling their students to develop new skills and interests.

The Fairs were aimed at sixth form students. Local charities were invited to take stalls and promote their volunteer roles for young people under 18 years

The Fairs are building on an already successful track record amongst local schools of sixth form volunteering. The Volunteer Centre has worked with Bradford Girls’ Grammar School for several years and pupils from there volunteer at Bradford Royal Infirmary, Bradford Healthwatch, the Ark Charity Shop as well as in school (such as mentoring younger people and supporting pupils with reading). They also work with local primary schools by providing reading support.

“Volunteering is a fantastic way of enabling students to gain new skills as well as earn up to 50 extra UCAS points to support any future university applications,” explained Steve Blackman CEO of Volunteering Bradford. “It also provides invaluable experience for adding to CVs and boosting future employment prospects in an increasingly competitive environment.”

The Volunteer Centre supports the schools to use the national Vinvolved Schools volunteering portal. This enables pupils to establish an online volunteering log and keep a record of all their volunteering hours. They can then work towards getting national youth volunteering certificates recognised by employers and education establishments.

If you are interested in developing a sixth form volunteer programme at your school, why not get in touch with Bradford Volunteer Centre. We can offer advice and support in setting up the programme as well as help you to develop links with local charities who need volunteer help.

For further information contact Steve Blackman, CEO Volunteering Bradford. Email:

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