People Can

The People Can Event Volunteers provide a personal welcome at key events for both residents and visitors to the Bradford District.  It is all part of the People Can Make A Difference  campaign to encourage more volunteering, giving, community action and being good neighbours in the District.

What do People Can Volunteers do at events?

We undertake a range of tasks to help provide an excellent visitor experience. Examples include giving out information, stewarding and helping people find their way. Each event is different.

Ambassadors have a visible identity, T-shirts and other items to ensure that they are recognised.

Do I need a DBS background check?

No, we take references on all People Can Event Volunteers but do not undertake tasks that require full DBS checks.

Where are the Events?

They all take place in the Bradford District.

How much time do I need?

Each event is different, some are over two or three hours only, some events stretch over two or three days but we usually share these across different shifts. We will have a range of hours available that should accommodate every availability.

What training do I need?

Volunteer Centre Bradford provides an initial induction and any other training required to ensure that People Can Event Volunteers are prepared to undertake the roles asked of us. We value our Event Volunteers and recognise that training is a vital part of the role.

How do I become a People Can Event Volunteer?

If you want to find out more or have any further questions please contact the Bradford Volunteer Centre