The Volunteer Centres in Bradford and Keighley work to promote volunteering and to support local voluntary and community organisations across the District.

Volunteer Centres are a good place to start looking for volunteering opportunities in the local area. We do this by supporting people to identify volunteer roles that suit their skills and experience and matching them with potential roles with Voluntary and Community Organisations and other not-for-profit groups, to support the crucial work they do in the District. If you can spare an hour a month, or more, then get in touch and see if you can volunteer your time or skills to help one of these organisations.

We also provide infrastructure support to any group that needs help to recruit volunteers, we promote good practice, support the development of quality volunteer roles and work to ensure that volunteering is inclusive and accessible to all.


Latest training opportunities:

Support and Supervision of Volunteers

This course as aimed at organisations that work with volunteers or are planning to work with and manage volunteers. It will look at some of the support you will need to put in place for volunteers and will specifically look at areas around providing supervision to your volunteers.

It will also look at areas of best practice and help you to incorporate them into your practice.

On the course you will explore feedback from more than 700 volunteers from the region on what they said when asked what motivated them to volunteer, what type of support they most value and what are some of the barriers into volunteering.

The Course will cover

•    The reasons that organisations provide supervision to their volunteers
•    Understanding the key elements of effective supervision
•    The different methods of supervision in both a group setting and in one to one supervision.
•    What other support, as well as supervision, should you be providing to volunteers?
•    Feedback from volunteers when asked about motivation, support and barriers.

Who is the course for?

This course is for Volunteer Managers, people that support volunteers and for anyone that may be moving into a role around supporting volunteers.

Online Booking: https://data.bdip.org.uk/civicrm/event/info?id=673&reset=1